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Monocle (United Kingdom)

Why should we all  move to Cascais.


Beaches of Cascais  rated as the best urban beaches in Europe.


A surprisingly advanced example of  mobility as a service.

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El País (Spain)

Cascais cultiva la  ambición de ir un  paso por delante.

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The excellence of the  beaches of Portuguese  Cascais and Estoril.

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Lumina - Cascais was  news in over 260 Tv  channels around the world

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Portugal terá em 2018  um dos maiores  museus de arte  urbana do mundo.

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Cascais, The  portuguese  Hamptons.

Why Cascais?

Living in Cascais is like having a home with an open door to the world and windows with views of serenity.

The ease of access and transport options to and in Cascais, allow for a better quality of life, while continuing being a peaceful and tranquil destination. “In Cascais it is both easy to arrive and to leave. By car, by public transport, by boat or by plane. The choice is yours”.

Cascais is located just thirty five minutes by car from the Lisboa international airport. This allows for a unique privileged location as pertains to Europe, Africa and America. In fact Lisboa is the westernmost capital of Europe, that is, the nearest European capital to Africa and Latin America. The Lisboa international airport is one of Europe’s most important hubs, with 36 airline companies regularly operating in Lisbon and offering a total of 112 destinations. That is why those who live in Cascais are just a mere three hour flight from most European countries, less than one and half hours from northern Africa, approximately seven hours from the USA and a maximum of ten hours from South America.

The 35 minute journey which separates Cascais from Lisboa can be made on an excellent motorway which facilitates access to the Capital and all the other destinations in and outside Portugal.

The most well known road in Cascais – “Marginal Road” – runs along almost the whole of the coastline of the municipality. “No matter how often you travel on the  “Marginal”, you will never seize to be amazed by the beauty of the landscape along the route”.

Running parallel to the marginal is the “paredão” (the ocean walkway), the cycle ways and the train track, where rapid and frequent trains comfortably circulate to and from Lisboa. 
There is also a modern, complete and integrated public transport network connecting every corner of Cascais rapidly and comfortably.

The Cascais airport is just fifteen minutes from the town by road. It is the second major airport infrastructure of the Lisboa region and the most modern and safe in its class.  Currently it is more vocated to private planes and specialised service provider companies. 

Cascais Invest

Why Invest in Cascais?

Cascais presents itself as one of the municipalities with the greatest potential for the growth of your business.

The proximity with the capital, the excellent infrastructure and the natural features of its territory, with 33% of the area within protected nature reserve and natural parks and a 30 Km of coastline, all make Cascais the ideal destination in which to invest.

Holding 4th place in the ranking of the wealthiest councils (2009), Cascais currently  also holds 4th place as the Council with the highest number of businesses (277/ Km2), generating  2.3% of the Portuguese GDP.

This success results from a local government policy directed to people, a focus on education, making Cascais a municipality which boasts double the national average of number of people with advanced education and the lowest rates of school dropouts of secondary education.

Cascais is also the 5th most populated Council in Portugal with a population of 213.608 inhabitants, and investment in education and training makes the Council one of the best places to develop and grow your business.

Invest in Cascais and you will discover all the reasons why you made the right decision and choice.


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