António Saraiva

António Saraiva


António Saraiva

Antonio Saraiva has been the President of Cascais Invest since June 2020. He has been the President of CIP – the Portuguese Business Confederation, since 2010. CIP is the largest and most impactful association in Portugal.

Over the last ten years António Saraiva has become one of the most influential figures in Portuguese society and has dedicated over 40 years of his life to associativism.

Today he is deemed an expert in corporate diplomacy and associativism and is a highly sought-after speaker and business commentator.

Antonio Saraiva embodies the concept of the self-made man and began his professional life as a factory worker at Lisnave Shipyard and later went on to become Sales Manager at Metalúrgica Luso-Alemã and then Chairman of Metalúrgica Luso-Italiana, SA.

He is also Chairman of COMPTA Infrastructure and Security. He sits on the Strategic Council of SOFID – the Society of Financing and Development, IFIC SA, and is the current President of the Observatory for the Maritime Economy.

On an academic level, he is a member of the ISCSP - Advanced Institute for Social Science and Political Studies University Council, Member of the ISCTE University Education Council and member of the Strategic Council of the Lusófona University. He also lectures Corporate Diplomacy at ISCSP University.

Member of the Strategic Council of PROFORUM – Association for the Development of Engineering.

Antonio Saraiva also received the Order of the Prince from the Portuguese Republic for outstanding services.