Minister of State and for the Economy

Pedro Siza Vieira

Ministro de Estado e da Economia, Pedro Siza Vieira

"I believe that at a time when we are facing a moment of crisis and a moment of opportunity for recovery, to see Cascais equipping itself with an agency of this nature is of the utmost importance”

Mayor of Cascais Council

Carlos Carreiras

Presidente da CMC, Carlos Carreiras

"Cascais Invest, led by António Saraiva, has now emerged from a concept paper to become a municipal agency focused on attracting foreign investment and a generator of value chains; new employment programmes have been launched so as to overcome the crisis; and taxes have been eliminated so as to lighten the burden of shops and services."

Deputy Mayor of Cascais Council

Miguel Pinto Luz

Vice-presidente da CMC, Miguel Pinto Luz

"We have been able to bring together public and private sector decision makers, in the same place to decide on strategy. Cascais Invest will provide a synergy network of all of us working together and in unison."

President of Cascais Invest

António Saraiva

Presidente da Cascais Invest, António Saraiva

“Accelerating investment is fundamental. It is thus the right time for the emergence of Cascais Invest, which the objective of attracting investment to Cascais Council.”